How Do I Calculate Monthly Rent For A Per Square Foot Triple-Net Lease?

To calculate the rent you will pay per square foot, all you need to do is take the rent per square foot, multiply it by the square feet of the space to be leased and divide that by 12, and you will find out what the monthly rent will be.

Monthly Rent Calculation

1,000 square feet to be rented by you.

$20.00 x 1000 = $20,000 per year.

$20,000.00/12=$1,666.67 per month

In many commercial leases, you will find that they are Triple-net. Triple-net (NNN) means you also pay your share of everyday expenses like Taxes, Insurance, and property maintenance.

The Triple-net will be represented by a dollar per square foot as well, so if the NNN is $5.00/SF, you would take that number times the square feet and divide by 12 to find out how much Triple-net will be. Usually, this is an estimated amount and, depending on expenses, can vary each year.

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